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Parent Testimonials

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Parent Testimonials


“This was the best preschool and child development center. I wish I would have known about this school sooner. My daughter thrived in this school after one day. Every teacher and the directors are wonderful nurturing educators. Would recommend to anyone with young children. Thank you for educating and looking after my daughter.”

Erin Bailey


“My son has been coming since the day Plymouth opened. I knew when it opened it was going to be a great school but it’s been so much more than I ever thought. Tristan loves coming to school, play with his friends, learning, and all the hands on activities. The staff is great and I always spend time at the end of the chatting it up with them. I have recommended Plymouth to all my friends and family, and now they are coming too. The security doors and cameras parents can log onto puts every parents mind at ease. We LOVE PLYMOUTH!!!”

Brianna, Steven, Tristan and Shea Coffey


“My husband and I began sending our now 17 month old son to Plymouth when he was 10 months old.  We are very happy to know that each day when we go to work, Easton goes to a preschool where he is loved.  Mr. Kris and all of the teachers at Plymouth have done an excellent job at teaching him a variety of things from facial features to being kind and showing respect to other children.  We know that our son is in the best of hands when we can’t be with him.  Thanks to the entire staff at Plymouth for the care and love you have shown Easton!”

Erica F.


“Today was the first day I got a glimpse into Ava’s day at your center, with the cameras.  Sara is normally gone for the day by the time I get there for pick-up.    I was stunned by what I saw; I saw an obedient child that sat in her chair when she was asked, went to sleep without a fight, and used utensils at ice cream social.  I was happy to see Sarah at lunch encouraging Ava into trying new things, and engaging her in conversation.  Following lunch, Jackie was seen giving Ava a gentle hand to her forehead as she told her something sweet and reassuring, at naptime.  The progress I see in her, from just a week-and-a-half ago amazes me. Upon picking her up this evening, Kelsey informed me that Ava had gotten sad when Sarah had left for the day. This made my heart smile a little; emotional evidence that Ava feels safe and cared for.  Sara, Kim, Kelsey, Jackie, and Janelle have been fantastic, and I am so very grateful for all their hard work, I know it could not have been easy.  If there are any suggestions we can work on our end, the advise is always welcome, because clearly, we do not know what we’re doing, and your team seems to have the magic touch.”

Thanks again,

Ida Dreitz


I wanted to share with you some thoughts that I have regarding Plymouth Preschool.  As you know, life has asked Lily to deal with so much at such a young age.  Despite that, I feel that she is not only coping with it all, but excelling through it in may ways.  I know that there are several reasons for this, but one of them is without a doubt, is Plymouth Preschool. “The time that she has spent at Plymouth Preschool has supported her through challenging times, accepted her unique personality, encouraged her to be the best she can be and has prepared her for the next stage in her life.  One notable example of this is the progress that she has made from her March parent conferance to her September parent conferance.  The differance between the two was profound.  I would like to take this time to thank you and your team for the love, structure, and support that has been given to my girl.”


Karlee Goffrier


Hands-down the best daycare facility in Wichita.  Plymouth provides a fun, yet safe and structured environment to help prep children for kindergarten.  Their facility is very clean and well-kept, and the classrooms are actual rooms with walls and doors, not partitions like most other daycares in town.  The staff provieds daily detailed communication which was much appreciated by this busy mom of two.  Cannot brag about these guys enough, they were like family for years.  I’m very glad to see the continued success for Kris, Janelle and the rest of the staff!

Molly G.

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